Notary Public eBook Course

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Notary Public Education Course eBook

Table of Contents:
Notary History
Notary Law Requirements
State's Notary Public Requirements

UNIT 1 Becoming a Notary Public
The Notary Public - a public officer
Qualifications and Jurisdiction
Educational Requirements
Application Process
Filing the Bond and Oath
Errors and Omissions Insurance
Term of Office and Renewals
Change of Name Procedures
Change of Address Procedures
Notary Resignation

UNIT 2 Special Appointments
Notary and Employer Liability
Private Employee Notaries
Government Employee Notaries
Law Enforcement Officers
Military Officers
Special Military Appointments

UNIT 3 Notarial Fees
Notary Fees Allowed
Notary Charges Denied
Self-employment Tax

UNIT 4 Notarial Acts
Notarial Duties
Notarial Certificates
Acknowledgment Certificates
Jurat Certificates
Loose Certificates
Notarizing in Special Circumstances
Attest to Photocopies
Verifying a VIN
Verifying a Safe Deposit Box
Perform Marriages
Confidential Marriages

UNIT 5 Other Certificates
Copy Certification
Certified Copies by Document Custodian
Credible Witness
Subscribing Witness

UNIT 6 Oaths and Affirmations
How to Administer an Oath
Commonly Used Oaths and Affirmations

UNIT 7 The Notary Seal
Rubber-ink Seal
Metal Embosser
Placement of the Seal
Ownership and Safeguarding
Lost or Stolen Seal Device

UNIT 8 The Notary Journal
Notary Journal Entries
Ownership and Safeguarding
Lost or Stolen Journal
Request for Photocopies

UNIT 9 Other Notary Supplies
Notary Seal Embosser
Thumbprint Pad
Certificates and Stamps
ID Checking Guide
Notary Stamp Refill Ink
Oath and Affirmation Reference Guide

UNIT 10 Being a Responsible Notary
Duties of a Notary Public
Can any Document be notarized?
The Hague Convention

UNIT 11 Verifying the Signer
10 Steps to a proper notarization Identification
Credible Witness as Identification
Determining Willingness
Determining Awareness
Notarizing in Special Circumstances

UNIT 12 Verifying the Document to be notarized
Checking the Document for Completeness
Making Corrections
Documents Prepared or Notarized in Other States
Foreign Language Documents
Immigration Documents
Signature by Mark
Notarizing Wills
Notarizing Living Wills

UNIT 13 Notary Problems and Solutions
May a Notary Public Refuse Service?
Notarizing a Document in a Foreign Language
Notarizing for a Signer who speaks a Foreign Language
Notarizing an Incomplete or Faxed Document
Notarizing a Document with Multiple Copies or Signers
Can a Notary Sign as One of the Witnesses?
Notarizing for a Minor

UNIT 14 Notary Misconduct
Commission Refusal, Revocation or Suspension
Prohibited Acts for Notaries
Document Fraud
False Notarizations
Disciplinary Action, Revocation, Criminal Penalties
Notary Fines
Avoiding Liability

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